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Concrete Diamond Rescue Saw Chain

Concrete Diamond Rescue Saw Chain
Product name:Concrete Diamond Rescue Saw Chain

All our concrete diamond saw chain are suitable for ICS Concrete Diamond Chainsaw, ICS Rescue Chainsaw, Stanley Concrete Diamond Chainsaw, And all other brand Concrete Diamond Chiansaw .


Concrete Cutting Diamond Rescue Saw Chain Features:

1)Versatile and easy to use.

2)Deep cuts up to 16 inches depth.

3)Full Chisel Cutter without over-cuts.

4)Starter designed for concrete-cutting environments

5)Engineered for precision, balance and low vibration Low impact and high durability cutting

6)Easy and Safe to operate, no "kickback".

7)Wet-cut, no hazardous dust or debris.

8)Cuts irregular shapes.


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